Welcome to Myra's Life!

See How Myra Recuperates After a Long Day of Work!

Needless to say, by the end of the day, I am starved. Thankfully, at that very moment, my best friend texts me.

I turn on my phone and her face pops out of my camera lens as her hologram cheerfully asks, “Hi Myra!! Are we still on for dinner today at Olive Garden?” How could I have forgotten?! Lindsey and I were supposed to get dinner together today! I respond enthusiastically to her with an, “Of course, see you soon!”, and quickly pack up my things and head to the restaurant.

“After a delicious meal and catching up with Lindsey, my exhaustion from the whole day disappeared. I felt content as I reached home at last after a long, but exciting day. I call my mom as I put in my laundry, and then finally relax for a while on my couch.

I decide to watch a little bit of television, but before I am even done flipping through the channels, I fall asleep. However, Cortana comes to the rescue once again as she automatically turns off the television and reminds me, “Myra, it’s time for bed”. And so, listening to her, I go up the stairs tiredly, crawl into bed, and say “Goodnight Cortana”. “Goodnight Myra - playing sleep time music,” she replies, and the soft jazz instantly put me to sleep.