Welcome to Myra's Life!

Wake Myra Up!

Ding Ding! Ding Ding! “Good Morning Myra! It is 7:00 A.M. Your scheduled reminders for today are: do laundry, submit work proposal, and call mom. You also have a reservation at Olive Garden at 7:30 P.M. with Lindsey.”

“UGH, you will never let me sleep in peace, will you Cortana?” I groan as I roll over to see my hologram’s smiling face waving at me. She rests on my desk, only the size of a toy. I think back to when I first got her and customized all her features. I have to say; I did pretty well. Her hazel eyes remind me of my favorite season, autumn, and her chocolatey brown hair rests right at her shoulders, resembling mine.

Well...I guess she’s just doing her job, I tell myself as I slowly get out of bed and let out a big yawn. I walk over to my bathroom to brush my teeth and shower and, as I turn the water on, muffle out “What’s the weather like today?” The mirror immediately responds “Connecting you to Channel 5 News: Weather”, changing its display to that of the TV weather channel. “After this warm, sunny weekend, Monday’s high will be 60 degrees with a low of 50 degrees. The winds today are just about average, resting around 10 mph. However, be sure to carry an umbrella with you as there is a chance for scattered rain,” the weather man announces.

After hopping out of the shower, I quickly check my phone for the time and...OH NO! HOW AM I ALWAYS LATE?! I throw on the first blouse and skirt I see in my closet and sprint down the stairs as fast as I can. I quickly scan the counter and grab half a granola bar that’s lying there from last night. Wow! Cleaning and eating at the same time; you are so efficient, Myra! I dial 1 on my phone to call my normal cyber-cab to get to work, and, while it rolls up onto my driveway, I put on my cute, black heels. I sit in the passenger seat, command “Go”, and blast my Zune.